Ukraine Discovery Tour 4.0
30 may - 3 June, 2018. KYIV
Cultural Diplomacy in Action

"Ukraine Discovery Tour" is a project created with the support of World Economic Forum initiatives - international youth organization Global Shapers Kyiv Hub and Young Global Leaders and in partnership with the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

The project is aimed to open Ukraine for the international community with its success stories and developments, break the stereotypes on its internal transformation and improve the investment climate. We want to show Ukraine in reality - modern and progressive united European with its potential and progress, as well as to show how "doing business" and "living" in Ukraine looks like.

How it goes?
Usually, the agenda of the privately organized tours includes meetings with the business leaders, social activist and entrepreneurs, media, IT guru and other extraordinary and unique people in different spheres and industries for almost 3-4 days.

We are willing to show a private side of the country ordinarily missed by visiting delegations as well as to create a network of contacts in Ukraine.

Want to know more? Check the Ukraine Discovery Tour experience for three previous years.
In addition, we propose an option of a one day-tour to Chornobyl zone, let us know if you are interested.
Quotes from last UDT
I didn't know what to expect, when I first set my foot into #Ukraine. Now I know that you are: creative, diverse, European, multicultural, talented, tech savvy, tolerant, ambitious, hilarious, sad, deep, large, warm hearted, beautiful & definitely worth an investment & always worth to discover!
Akilnathan Logeswaran
I knew very little about Ukraine prior to the #UkraineDiscoveryTour, but after having spent little less than a week in Kyiv, my mind is literally blown away. You will find the most heartwarming and welcoming people, green parks, thriving IT scene, beautiful murals, and the ANTONOV!
Line KG
There is a lot of work do be done in Ukraine, for sure. There is also a lot of passion, determination, talent and vision. I am amazed by Kyiv's beauty and will surely return to get inspired but also to contribute to the rebirth of this country.
Ciprian Stanescu
I was blown away by breathtaking architecture, excellent food and coffee, ancient historical sites, a passionate social impact scene, a thriving tech economy and an abundant supply of hip bars and back-alley speakeasies. I felt 100% safe walking a kilometre back to my flat downtown at 3am (something that I can't say about most other cities), and I can easily say that the Ukrainian people are the friendliest and most hospitable I've ever met.
Keeya Lee Ayre
After a weekend surrounded by innovation, tech & social entrepreneurship, wonderful art, music & food, I can hardly imagine that Ukraine is actually a country at war. Keep it up my friends, the future is bright like the domes of your beautiful churches. I truly love Europe.
Enrica Sighinolfi
Ukraine is more than a country gripped by war. It has character. Depth. Scratch the surface, and you'll find brilliant people, with sharp, honest words. In hidden bars, you can get a sip of their appetite for change - and sometimes even taste undertones of impatience.
Laura Cincera

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